Bouchercon 2014

What fun Bouchercon was. And what a let down to return home. Besides the pleasure of California’s climate, the panels were wonderful.

Although it was odd to see Christmas decorations against palm trees.

xmas decoration palm


xmas decoration

Here’s another shot of the wreath. Am I the only one that thinks Christmas decorations before Thanksgiving is wrong? But I digress.

I served on a panel of historical mystery writers including Charles Finch, S K Rizzolo  , Emily Brightwell, Susanna Calkins I was glad to hear that they too struggled over questions of accuracy and language. I also attended several panels. One, with Barbara Hambly, Edward Marsten, Caroline (charles ) Todd, Kim Fay and Tasha Alexander was particularly interesting in that they discussed the difficulty of balancing historical accuracy in all its ugly glory with modern sensibilities.


I’m already looking forward to Bouchercon in Raleigh, NC, next year.