Kidnapping, murder and blackmail do not belong only to the contemporary time period. Traveling weaver Will Rees meets up with these and other crimes in early America.



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  1. Hello: I have really enjoyed your first two books and look forward to reading the rest. I would like to offer an idea: add an illustration. A single map would be very handy. In the first book a map of Shaker Village would have been useful and in the second book a map of the Bowdich farm would be good. In both books there is a central place–the murder scene–that would benefit from a map. As a second critique I would love more historical detail on two things: first: the daily chores and amount of time it takes for proper hygiene and dressing–for those who do it and those who don’t and what the general result is for the washed vs unwashed. Understanding how much effort they had to put into bathing and clothing is interesting. The second thing is how much time it takes them to do things that take us no time at all–such as meal preparation, travel, washing etc. Getting a better sense as to how productive they can be in a single day given the level of technology would be interesting. Love your stuff and many thanks!!

  2. Hi

    I am writing in hopes that you might have time to share some research source ideas for my daughter who is in fourth grade. I sent an email as well.

    Her class is in charge of presenting “Colonial Day” to her school. Each of the students is assigned a role(teacher, seamstress, jailer, baker, etc.). They research that role for the colonial time period, write a diary from that person’s perspective and then set up a station that demonstrates what that job would have entailed in colonial times. The rest of the classes (grades K-8) visit each of the stations one day in the spring.

    She is going to be a jailer. She is getting excited about researching this topic so we were talking about how to approach it. Then i remembered I had just borrowed your book “The Devil’s Cold Dish” from the library. I have read each of the prior Rees books as well. So I thought, “what the heck” I’ll see if you I can contact you.

    I know this is a bit of an odd request, but hope that you might reply.

    Erin Conaton
    Mom from Virginia

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